Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Education Journey Begins!

Well I have made it through the first semester of education and am now embarking on the second! So far so good! Education is very different from how I imagined; both in good and bad ways. Initially, I thought you came into this program and you were taught how to teach. Essentially, this is what needs to be done and this is how you do it. Instead I feel like in many aspects I am not going to be prepared when I leave this building. I found out last term that the class 'Instructional Methods' is being cancelled. Would someone tell me what the point to that is? This was the only class that gave me ANY kind of background or ideas when I left to go Student Teaching last term. THE ONLY CLASS. Instructional Methods, provides education students with activities to give to students to help them learn. The activities vary in what multiple intelligences they cater to and in how they are performed within a classroom. To cancel a class like this is very disheartening and I am glad I took it before this was done. Another apect I am struggling with is what professor to believe. You go to one class and they tell you to do this .. these methods or this research has proven that this is what needs to be done for the students to learn. You go to your next class .. no, no, I do not know where that came from THIS is how you should teach, this is how kids learn. It seems to me that 'education' is an opinion rather than a science if you will. I do not see a right or wrong way, I just see many ways and many conflicting ideas. It takes a 'teacher' to be able to enter a program this conflicting and come away from it with what they believe is right. This is important. Only a true teacher can take many different ideas and combine them into a mosaic of opportunity .. and this is my 'ah-ha' from education thus far. I will write bi-weekly in this blog on my peevs and successes in education, my ah ha's and my no no's .. Keep in touch Kids!

Miss. Lockhart
Brandon University


  1. Stacie,

    I could not agree more. Sometimes this program is both confusing and frustrating. At times I wish that this was a place for collaboration. A place of meeting with great minds if you will, to unlock as much potential out of teaching as possible. Unfortunately, it isnt though. I, like you, am learning that teaching is about discovery, not only for the student, but the teacher too!

  2. Stace! What a great point. I could not agree more with you about one teacher telling you one thing and another something else... it's frustrating to me too. I think we just have to take it all in stride, pick what we like, what we believe and be open to change and new ideas. Great post!