Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Year One Classes Coming to a Close ..

Well it seems year one is coming to a close .. classes anyways. It has been quite the journey. I feel like I am going into this student teaching with more resources and experience this time, which is nice! I am curious about what classes we will have next term. I am also curious about which school division I should get into for student teaching next term .. I wish there was a way that we could find out what schools WILL be hiring after we graduate, so we can go to them and get our foot in the door! It is a little frustrating .. Hopefully, fingers crossed, that we will all get jobs!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Technology - Is it the devil like everyone thinks?

Personally I think the philosophy of many people on our everchanging technology is frustrating. WHY ARE YOU SCARED? Granted, it is a little intimidating .. yet so cool! Why not embrace it and learn more? Be positive? The fact of the matter is tech. is taking over our lives. It may have begun this take over slowly and under the radar .. however, that is not the case now. It is here whether people like it or not. As teachers is our job not to prepare our students for the 'real world'? Well I don't know if everyone has noticed but the real world is technology driven. EVERY SINGLE ASPECT. In order to properly educate our youth, teachers need to be the implementers of the new gadgets and tools. They need to be at the head of technology. Yet, for some unknown reason, they are at the end. Schools still use overhead projectors .. THIS UNIVERSITY STILL USES OVERHEADS .. Our facilities need to be up on all this progress and have it in the classrooms. By the time I graduate this program - I could be in a class with a Smart Board. I have absolutely no idea how to use one .. this is an issue. Faculties, staffs, schools .. need more training, more exposure, more equipment - and this needs to happen now. RIGHT NOW! Were actually ... Already behind .. perhaps too far behind?!